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February 02.2015.

It's been a tough last year for me but let's hope all of it is behind me.
I have some new release dates for you and a few new covers, so let's get to it.
Two Hearts, One Voice, the third and final book in Mending the Rift series should be out May 1st 2015 for early download.
As Spring Rain is scheduled for release on March 11th 2015 and I have the new cover for it.
I'm not sure of the release date for Memories, but it should be sometime in 2015.
The last two are rereleases taken by Less Than Three Press and Memories has been significantly revised.

I still don't have a home for Battle of Hearts despite the revisions so that one is up in the air. At this point I just might put it aside. But I'm working on a couple of new books so maybe I'll have more news and contracts this year.

I've finished a type of sequel for the Hope series. It's another standalone and a bit longer, but I haven't submitted it yet.

As always, if you want to contact me, you can find the necessary information in contacts;)

All the best


Warm welcome to all readers and incorrigible romantics!

A word of caution; I write male/male romance and my books contain explicit content that will eventually be accompanied by appropriate covers. If you are underage or have strong negative feelings on the subject please be on your way and have a good day ;)

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