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May 23.2015.

In a few days Two Hearts One Voice will be officially released. As you probably already know, that's the last and previously unpublished book in Mending the Rift series. It concludes the story of Rin and Merin but I'm likely to write another book set in the same world.
For the occasion I've organized a giveaway at Stumbling Over Chaos which closes June 1st.

I've given an interview to Evelyn Shepherd and I'm giving away another copy of Two Hearts One Voice. That giveaway will be active for only two days starting with the day of the interview May 25th.

Memories in coming out right after, on June 3rd and the giveaway for that is already active at Stumbling Over Chaos. It closes on June 2nd.

Another interview will be up on Sizzling Hot Romance, June 7th and I've also written a post for BTS emagazine, something you can check out on June 3rd. I'll post the link on my social sites.

Good Together was taken by LT3 Press as another separate story in the Hope series.
As always, if you want to contact me, you can find the necessary information in contacts;)

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