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February 1.2016.

Tomorrow is the official release day of Penal station 05. It's the first in the series and I'm in the middle of writing the sequel, so hopefully that one will be out rather soon as well. The next one in the Hope series - Good Together, is coming out May 4th.

My plans for this year revolve mostly around writing. If everything goes well I'll finish the With this Mark sequel, start on the sequel for Among Wolves and perhaps throw in a few other smaller projects. I have a lot of half-finished books so it wouldn't be a bad idea to wrap some of those projects up.

Please be on the lookout for a giveaway of Penal station 05. I'll post the details on my social sites.

Thanks everyone for still reading after all these years,


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Warm welcome to all readers and incorrigible romantics!

A word of caution; I write male/male romance and my books contain explicit content that will eventually be accompanied by appropriate covers. If you are underage or have strong negative feelings on the subject please be on your way and have a good day ;)

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