What's New

August 6.2019.

Not much has changed in the past year other than more publishers closing their doors. It turned out I'd made the right decision in not pushing Penal Station to someone else because my best bet also went down. Currently the only books available for purchase are those in Mending the Rift series.

February 13.2018.

With Loose Id closing its doors four of my books will no longer be available for purchase. At this point I will only look for a new publisher for Penal Station 05 and will work on finishing the sequel once it has a new home.

I do have a few stories partially finished but considering I have to look for a new publisher every couple of years I'm not sure I will actively work on doing something with them.

A big thank you to all my fans over the years, you kept me writing and made all the struggles worth it.


Warm welcome to all readers and incorrigible romantics!

A word of caution; I write male/male romance and my books contain explicit content that will eventually be accompanied by appropriate covers. If you are underage or have strong negative feelings on the subject please be on your way and have a good day ;)

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