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June 30. 2014.

Re-release and new publishers

Mending the Rift series is the first one up for re-release and was taken on by Totally Bound Publishing. King's Conquest will be out August 1st and available for an early download on July 4th. Here is the new cover and blurb.

The only way for Prince Rin to save his kingdom is to marry a king and bear a child, but will he survive his fate?
In a world where two kingdoms are constantly at war, Prince Rin, heir to the throne of the Kari kingdom, has been demanded as a war conquest by King Merinej of Jeda. The prince must travel to his enemyís kingdom and share the kingís bed, bearing him a child, or the war will continue. But the prince will not lower himself to what he sees as nothing but the title of a whore, so he demands a contract requiring the king to be faithful to him. After all, giving Merinej a child will threaten Rinís life.
Even going into the marriage headfirst, Rin expected nothing more than a business arrangement. Instead, he receives affection, yet the more surprising realization is his willingness to give love back. However, the king cannot save Rin from those who wish him harm, and their union might be over before it can fully bloom.

I've just gotten the cover for Owner of my Heart, so I'm sharing that one as well.

Memories and As Spring Rain were taken by Less Than Three Press, but I don't know the release date as of yet. Danny and Mike have a new place with Rooster & Pig Publishing while Battle of Hearts is still just my own. I'm not sure if I'll rewrite it or just leave it on the side, time will tell.

Big thanks to everyone who have been asking about my stories. I'm planning on having something new for you soon.


April 14. 2014.

Books pulled from sales

Life tends to have its share of hard blows. One of them this year was the closing of Silver Publishing. Six of my books contracted with them have lost their home and I've lost the rights to their covers. You will notice all of that empty space in my books section where their pretty covers used to be.

I'm working on finding a new publisher for them but I won't know anything for a few months, and until that time none of them should be available for sales.
I've removed all of the covers from my sites and I ask the others who still have them to please do the same. Thank you.
The books in question are:
As Spring Rain
Battle of Hearts 
Danny and Mike 
King's Conquest 
Owner of My Heart

Thank you for understanding

August 28. 2013.

Bloody Love Spats

Bloody Love Spats has been in the works almost since I'd finished writing Sebastian's Wolves. It was an idea about a vampire who just made me laugh and a different pack with a bit of an unusual Alpha. It was a story I kept going back to and that partially inspired Battle of Hearts since I wrote it smack in the middle of working out the plot for Bloody Love Spats. I'm not sure yet of the exact release date, but it will be sometime in late October or early November. For now I just wanted to share the cover and blurb, so enjoy;)

Tomislav Vugrin isnít much of a vampire. Despite descending from one of the most powerful vampire lines and being sister to the queen of his coven, his powers are weak, and heís much more content reading comics and watching nerdy TV shows.

Then a series of events brings him to his favorite place in the forest in the middle of the night, and he meets Stone Marik, the new Alpha of the East Pack, who isnít at all pleased to see him. The age-old rivalry between vampires and werewolves brings the two to blows, but a powerful attraction soon has them waging a different kind of battle between the sheets. When the two claim each other as mates, Tomi, against the advice of his queen, joins his loverís pack.

Though Tomi fits right in, nothing can change the fact that the bond he has formed with Stone is an abomination to vampiresóand one for which he must soon face punishment. But this union of werewolf and vampire may also have consequences for both sides neither man expects.

Early August I had a free story published by the M/M Romance group on Goodreads. It's called Only Mine and you can read it on their webpage

Life has been busy on my end so I can't say when all the sequels I want to write will actually be out. I'm sorry for disappointing all of the fans but hopefully it will get better.


Warm welcome to all readers and incorrigible romantics!

This is a page where you can find out a little bit more about me as well as get information about my work. Feel free to contact me at any time and happy reading.

A word of caution; I write male/male romance and my books contain explicit content that will eventually be accompanied by appropriate covers. If you are underage or have strong negative feelings on the subject please be on your way and have a good day ;)

Copyright 2012. Valentina Heart. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2012. Valentina Heart. All Rights Reserved.