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Eyes of an Innocent

Cover Art by Justin James

In a world where people are classed according to their sexual expertise, Reji is an Innocent, frustrated in his unconsummated relationship with a woman. He decides to test his sexual orientation by visiting a gay club—but it all goes horribly wrong until Shen, an expert Teacher, shows up to rescue him. Once Shen meets Reji, he knows they’re right for each other… but there are trials and insecurities to deal with, as well as Shen's commitment to another man, before the two men—or three—can find happiness.

Teacher Plus Two

Cover Art by Justin James

In a technologically advanced universe where humans are classed according to their sexual expertise, Orrin, a man approaching revered Teacher status, is kidnapped and forced to educate slaves in the pleasures of the flesh. Before he can attempt to teach his first student, he has to save the life of Fai, a purring Mattian. Orrin just manages to nurse his little lion back to health when their cell gains another occupant: Hara, an exotic and experienced slave who was sold by his old master. Despite their difficult circumstances and knowing they will eventually be separated, the three men form an steadfast bond.

Soon Hara finds himself with a colorful new Master across the universe while Orrin and Fai remain behind at the slave traders' base. With their problems only building daily, can they find a way back to each other or will they succumb to the trials they face?

Sebastian's Wolves

Cover Art by Justin James

Sebastian Vory was quite happy with his decision to leave his shifter pack to build a life with his mate Tim. But when an accident takes Tim from Sebastian, the lone wolf is thrown into aimless wandering that leads him to a new pack—and another shifter, Eshan Low. But Eshan has a troubled past, and despite his hopes and wishes, that past has a steel grip. Embroiled in a fight for justice, Sebastian is willing to do anything not to lose another mate, and just this once, luck might smile his way.

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Reviews by Jessewave gave it 4.25 stars
Hearts On Fire gave it 5 stars
Bloody Love Spats

Cover Art by Maria Fanning

Tomislav Vugrin doesn't think himself much of a vampire—not that others are tripping over themselves to dispute it. Despite descending from one of the most powerful vampire lines and having a coven queen for a sister, he's far from a stuck-up royal and even farther from a force to be reckoned with.

That's when fate puts her spiteful fingers to use and places him right in the path of Stone Marik, the new Alpha werewolf of the East Pack. Add a bit of teasing scent of a mate, and the attraction is stronger than any lack of information about bonding that might stand in their way.

But changing allegiance might be more than Tomi can handle, even if he has the best of intentions. Centuries of prejudice divide their two species, secrets and lack of time work against them, and soon even their desperate need for each other might not be enough to keep them alive.

Owner of my Heart

Mending the Rift Book Two

When an enemy Merin thought defeated takes his unborn children away from him, he’s at the end of his rope and still has to find enough strength to save his husband Rin from the clutches of sorrow. Unable to find peace, they must deal with an aggressor who plots to ruin any chance of happiness they might have. To make things worse, the newly united countries must prepare for a war against a vicious invading army that’s using the weakened state of the kingdom for its benefit.
How will Merin and Rin recover from their terrible loss and give their people heirs? Will the newly united countries work together as one to save Merin’s kingdom—and his family—from the ongoing dangerous challenges? Can love truly push through all obstacles, or will their enemies discover their weaknesses and finally achieve victory?
Reader Advisory: This book contains a male pregnancy. It is best read in sequence as part of a series.
Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

To keep a smile

(Should be read first but it's a standalone)

Published by the M/M Romance group on Goodreads and written for their Love is Always Write Anthology

Based on the prompt:

I didn't want kids. But my ex was ten years older, ready to start a family. To keep a classy guy like him happy with tattooed me I gave sperm and we got a surrogate. When I saw my son I was in love... I thought he was, too. Six months later he says Archer is a mistake, kicking us out. Now that it is just the two of us can I find true love?

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As Spring Rain
(Should be read second but it's a standalone)
(This title was previously released by another publisher)

Cover art by Aisha

Gabriel is hell-bent on self-destruction. Every man he chooses is a man who will hurt him, and when he can't find others to do it he turns to hurting himself. Whatever it takes to bury the wrenching, forbidden, but inescapable feelings tearing him apart.

But everyone has a breaking point, and when his twin brother Michael comes to pick up the pieces something will have to give before there aren't any pieces left…

Content Advisory: As Spring Rain contains explicit content and features a relationship between twin brothers.

TBP by Less Than Three Press March 11th 2015

Copyright 2012. Valentina Heart. All Rights Reserved.
King's Conquest

Mending the Rift Book One

The only way for Prince Rin to save his kingdom is to marry a king and bear a child, but will he survive his fate?
In a world where two kingdoms are constantly at war, Prince Rin, heir to the throne of the Kari kingdom, has been demanded as a war conquest by King Merinej of Jeda. The prince must travel to his enemy’s kingdom and share the king’s bed, bearing him a child, or the war will continue. But the prince will not lower himself to what he sees as nothing but the title of a whore, so he demands a contract requiring the king to be faithful to him. After all, giving Merinej a child will threaten Rin’s life.
Even going into the marriage headfirst, Rin expected nothing more than a business arrangement. Instead, he receives affection, yet the more surprising realization is his willingness to give love back. However, the king cannot save Rin from those who wish him harm, and their union might be over before it can fully bloom.
Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.
Publisher's Note: This book was previously released at another publisher. It has been considerably expanded, revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Two Hearts One Voice

Mending the Rift Book Three

They are at war, fearing for each other, struggling with the upbringing of their children and the survival of their country. They are kings.
With the future of the throne secured, Rin and Merin still have little time to rejoice for their children or the unity of their kingdoms. Stuck in the middle of a battlefield, their lives prove to be once again at risk, and Rin heads out on a long journey home with his heirs, leaving Merin to lead their army.
Rin receives his rightful title of king from the Kari council and for once feels as if he belongs on the throne without Merin there to guide him. Missing his husband, he raises their children the best he can, but there’s no end to the war in sight and, after months of futile conflicts, Rin thinks he sees Merin cut down in battle.
Distraught and with no patience for his council, Rin threatens the Riki, making even his own men fear him. Can Rin cope alone without the love of his life and still win the war, or will his sorrow mark the end of his reign?
Reader Advisory: This book contains references to Mpreg.
Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

In the Eyes
Red Roses For Authors gave it 4 stars
Joyfully Reviewed gave it 5 stars
The Romance Reviews gave it 5 stars
Among Wolves
Reviews by Jessewave gave it 4.25 stars
Hearts On Fire gave it 5 stars
The Novel Approach gave it 4,5 stars
MM Good Book Reviews gave it 5 hearts

Joyfully Jay gave it 4.25 stars
Love Bytes gave it 4 stars
The novel approach reviews gave it 5 stars
Mending the Rift
Good Together
(Should be read third but it's a standalone)

Cover art by Aisha

A legacy of bullying and insecurity has left its mark on Troy, affecting all his interactions in the present. Adam is an ex-hockey player turned tattoo artist who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. But no matter how hard he tries, time and again he sends the easily scared Troy running.

Though both are nearly convinced it could never work between them, they agree to give it one more try. But then bad luck and fate conspire to leave Adam floundering to reach Troy while Troy worries over losing touch with Adam.

Content Advisory: Good Together contains some explicit content and contains detailed descriptions of verbal abuse and bullying.