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Resisting the Temptation

Cover Art by Justin James

When an unconventional meet gains Kyle a new roommate he is anything but prepared for the wild ride it takes him on. At first glance, one might think that having ‘walking sex’ around the house might be a good thing, but Kyle resists his unbearable attraction and is slowly going crazy at Mikey’s insistent advances.

As he’s gradually losing his resolve, both with jealousy Mikey’s boyfriends bring out in him and the constant erection that just won’t fade, Kyle curses his decision to stay friends. But soon fate takes things in its own hands as Mikey gets hurt and Kyle has to decide if his reluctance is worth losing Mikey for good.

Looking for Adventure

Cover Art by Anne Cain

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Jonathan looks back on his career-focused life and sees nothing but empty years behind him. His desire for success has left him without a single happy memory, and completely alone.

While shocked by the news, he stumbles into Nino: a man without a steady job, without a permanent home and, as happy as a person can be. On the spur of the moment they set off to an adventure by the sea, with good food, loads of sun, and rising attraction. Only both hide secrets from each other as they fight against the sparks that keep on lighting the flames.

They set out for some fun, but found the adventure of both of their lives...

(This title was previously released by another publisher)

Cover art by Natasha Snow

Acceptance is never any easy road for anyone, but some roads are much harder to travel than others. When Marlin comes home one night, she is greeted by the sight of her man, Gabe, spread out on the bed waiting for her. Accepting all the love he has to offer has been a long process, but recounting all it took to get where they are is a reminder that every step was worth it.

Plug and Engage

Cover Art by Beth Saintcrow

Cole and Kai only met weekly. They satisfied those annoying primal urges which left the rest of their free time to be used as they saw fit. More than happy with such a solution they never even thought a bit of rough and spice could change everything - until it did.

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Written for M/M Romance group on Goodreads Hot Summer Days anthology

Danny and Mike
(This title was previously released by another publisher)

Sometimes love can be found in the most unlikely places, or so Danny discovers once he finds himself in a bar brawl. With a life of abuse behind him, he's more than ready for a new, happier start and Mike seems to be exactly what his damaged soul needs.

With a completely different background, Mike is close to a ray of sunshine. Always optimistic and happy, he anchors Danny and shows him life can be about love instead of hate.

But chapters of the past are rarely completely closed, and once Danny's nightmares come back into his life he has to make a choice—to fight or to save the one who showed him life is worth living.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains a HFN ending and rape or near rape scenes.

TBP by Rooster&Pig Publishing September 29th

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Stand Alone
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Only mine

Going under cover was almost a part of a routine for Spencer, a job he liked well enough but excelled at. The last thing he planned was finding himself under whip licks and on his knees, having the time of his life.
Gavin was sent to extract an agent, but what he got was a slave, one he was perfectly happy with.

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Written for M/M Romance group on Goodreads Love Has No Boundaries anthology