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Cover Art by Reese Dante


Marlin is a transsexual who has undergone the hormone replacement therapy for becoming a woman, but her sex reassignment surgery has never taken place. Coming home one night, she is greeted by the sight of her man, Gabe, spread out on the bed just for her.
There was good and there was bad, some of it happy and some of it sad, but as they take a journey through their memories, they light up the old flames. Sex, tears, laughter and a wicked dose of romance show what loving is all about for Marlin and Gabe.

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Countless candles lit the spacious room, giving it a mystical orange glow. Only one red sheet covered the big bed, with pillows resting on the headboard. There were no flower petals or soft music, but still, the sight that greeted Marlin seemed otherworldly.

Gabe rested in the middle, taking up most of the bed with his large but gorgeous body. One of his muscled legs was bent at the knee, exposing his perfect erection for Marlin's eyes. The length proudly reached his bellybutton, covering the sexy hair trail, but leaking into the hollow.

Perfectly toned pecs led to a broad, manly chest covered in thick rug of silky chocolate-brown hair. His neck was wide but perfectly fit his sharply angled face. The jaw looked deliciously smooth, made that way especially for this occasion, and the smile shining above it was simply perfect. When Gabe's tongue sneaked out between his teeth to wet them, Marlin let out a desperate gasp, averting her eyes toward the devouring look absorbing every detail of her attire.

Blood-red heels pressed into the soft rug under her feet, emphasizing her perfectly-shaped legs. Her designer dress hugged her small hips and then clung all the way up to her luscious breasts. They weren't very big, but they couldn't be called small either. Gabe often said they were 'an exact palm fit'.

Her whole frame seemed delicate as she lifted her foot backwards and took off her shoe with practiced elegance. Her shoulder-length black hair slipped to the side, exposing the long line of her neck and a small earlobe. Her smile was as red as her shoes, with brilliant teeth shining her happiness. Blue irises were almost obscured by the black of her pupil, but nothing could hide the pure adoration with which she watched the man spread out on her bed.

They measured each other as she raised herself up on bare toes, her hands slipping the dress off her narrow shoulders. Gabe's palm traveled down his muscled torso until it wrapped around his considerable size. He watched her as if she were his prey, and when she turned her back toward him, lust glazed over his almost-black eyes.

Marlin unclipped her lace bra slowly, dropping it on the floor beneath her feet. Then she bent at the waist as she slipped her matching thong down over her long, smooth legs. Gabe saw the side of one of her pale breasts and whimpered, causing her to turn around at the sound.

She reached his waiting arms in two light steps and the kiss connecting them was both wicked and sweet. Gabe gripped her soft butt cheeks, pulling her on top of him, never breaking the heated kiss. Her short red fingernails scraped softly on his smooth chin as he directed their kiss, nipping gently even though he actually wanted to consume her.

The curtain of her black hair tickled his face, so with a growl he flipped her light body, pushing her under his larger frame. Even those rushed moves revealed only tenderness as he kissed his way down her neck and chest, taking one of her swollen nipples between his wicked lips. He rolled the nub, flicking his tongue over it repeatedly, enjoying her every loud moan.

Satisfied with the dark red color of his work, he moved to the other nipple, giving her the same torturous treatment. Marlin pushed her aching breast into his mouth as he sucked a third of it inside. Strong hands held her hips pressed to the bed; his fingers circled her hipbones as he moved down toward more precious parts.

The belly she offered him was flat and sweet like the rest of her, perfect for his insatiable tongue to lick and swirl over. Sucking her cute bellybutton proved to be an adventure too, as he cared for it with the same passion he said every part of her deserved.

Hot lips trailed a path further down until he reached her full, erect cock, straining and desperately hungry for his mouth. He took the round head between his lips, circling the tip tenderly, gently licking the slit. A surprised groan escaped her and he watched with interest the way she bent her body in pleasure, completely surrendering herself to him.

Marlin wasn't as big as he was, making it much easier to take her whole length into his mouth. He held it there for a moment, enjoying the feel of pure silk on his tongue, but when he started to suck her, to whine for the amazing taste, her piercing cry of passion made his cock swell even larger.

Valentina Heart, March 2011
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